The Story Behind Land of 37000

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A Story of Redemption, Commitment, and Community.


As we looked to design our first graphic collection, we wanted to show people the heart and inspiration behind our company.  Over the last year we have traveled all over discussing our brand with retailers, customers, and suppliers to learn that people are captivated that we are making luxury basics here in TN. This collection is a reflection of who we are and what we believe in: People, Quality, and Ethical Luxury, made right here in America. 

WHY 37000?  

If you look at a map, the 37000 zip code hits all of middle Tennessee, directly where we are routed from our families, our team, and our warehouse. We wanted to pay homage to Tennessee and show people that great things can be created outside of LA or NY.

37000 is our roots. Our Beginning. We began in the land of 37000 and from there we will grow.


As an ethical luxury company that is made in America we are on a mission to be the change in a dark industry, to be "A Light That Will Shine Again".

In a world full of noise, we choose to say: Wear Great, Do Good.