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Freedom Company was founded in 2019 by Adam and Cari Suttle, who live in Nashville, Tennessee.


Initially, the goal was to create high quality apparel with the purpose of creating freedom globally. Obsessed with quality, they worked closely with local factories in America to craft small batch production runs, making each piece intentionally. With being long supporters of the nonprofit ProjectR12 they set out on a journey to have each item of apparel tell a story through a freedom label that is placed inside each shirt in partnership with ProjectR12. Since then Ad am has personally been to Uganda to see the impact of our projects and initiatives and have began work with additional nonprofits.

Our mission at Freedom Co. is to build a lifestyle brand committed to elevating classics with a global impact. By partnering with nonprofits who invest in some of the world’s most vulnerable people, we seek to help facilitate economic freedom and life transformation.


"In order to create freedom globally it all starts with an ethically sourced supply chain.”

- our founder

We believe apparel should carry lasting value. At Freedom Co., we believe that value is in the details. From our premium fabrics to our custom cuts and hemstitches, our team works hand in hand with our U.S. manufacturing facility to ensure our apparel is made to last. Let our classics be the last you try.

Freedom Mark -

Each article of Freedom Co., apparel has our signature freedom mark reminding you of the causes you selected when you purchased your Freedom Co. item.

USA Made // Ethically Sourced // Global Impact