• Ethically Sourced

  • Exceptional Design

  • Innovative Technology

Ethically Sourced

100% American Made & Sourced.

We are committed to ensuring that every step of our supply chain upholds the highest standards of fairness, sustainability, and social responsibility. We prioritize the welfare of both the environment and the workers involved in our production process; striving to create clothing that not only looks and feels good but also aligns with our values of ethical and responsible business practices.

Exceptional Design

Enduring, Not Fast Fashion.

We’re dedicated to the creation of premium, timeless products, where every detail matters. We start by sourcing the finest and softest materials available in the USA. We employ a washed dye process to establish that lived in luxury look. Our garments are not pre-shrunk. To ensure the ideal fit remains consistent from the first wear to the last, we recommend washing in cold water and flat lay or hang dry.

Virtual Fitting & Try-On

When you shop for clothes online, the uncertainty of how they’ll look and fit can be frustrating.

Freedom Company, we utilize Couture Technologies’ leading virtual fitting and try-on solution, enabling you to visualize how various garment sizes will look and fit on your body with just a few measurements or 2 quick photos.

Say goodbye to the hassle of returns - we’re all about ensuring you get the right fit the first time from the comfort of your home.

Try it HERE or you can click CREATE MY AVATAR from the top menu.


At the heart of our operations lie a deep commitment to quality and sustainability, driving us to employ cutting-edge technology for on-demand manufacturing, including precision printing, cutting, and sewing. This approach ensures that each garment is meticulously crafted upon your order, reducing our environmental footprint and minimizing clothing waste. In doing so, we maintain a swift delivery process, getting your garments to your doorstep within just days.